September 17, 2020

Rianna & Dustin Adventure Session

Styled Shoots

The One where I found my Style...

Long story.... At the beginning of 2020, I found myself in a "funk" of sorts when it came to my photography style. I was tired of the way my photos looked. They felt very basic. So, I bought a "light and airy" Lightroom preset pack, thinking I wanted to give it a try and I really thought I liked it. Then, one of my assistants said something about trying something darker...

Here is where this session comes in. Rianna and I had been planning this session for a week or so. I was thinking of offering adventure sessions and needed some images to use as an example. We talked about everything from her dress to the way she would wear her hair and Dustin's outfit. I wanted the session to feel very romantic and simple with emphasis on the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the love between Rianna and Dustin as a couple. The day of the session, I sat down and made a list of the poses and prompts that I wanted to use with very specific outcomes in mind. Let me tell you - Rianna and Dustin NAILED IT! We met at my house and went to PawPaw's Creek. From the very first shot, I knew these images would be awesome. Believe it or not, the entire shoot only took about 45 minutes. In May, creek water is still cold so you move pretty quickly.

Then comes my style. I actually waited several days to edit these images because I couldn't decide if I wanted to edit the way I had been or try something new. Finally, I sat down to edit them and applied "Light and Airy" presets. I didn't like it and I was ready to scrap the entire session. The pictures were pretty straight out of camera but my presets were causing me to lose so much detail and color. After a few minutes of playing around, I reset the image and randomly clicked on an old preset I bought from Etsy called "Romance" and THERE IT WAS!!! Dark and moody, romantic and slightly mysterious. I edited the rest of the images in a huge hurry because I LOVED THEM so much! I immediately decided this is where its at and haven't looked back since!

Silly blog, I know! But check out these amazing images!!!