Avoid the Scam

Over the last year, I have noticed SO MANY people on Facebook and TikTok expressing concern over photographers possibly scamming them. It seems like a new scam photographer pops up every week. This really breaks my heart because I've always believed the most important takeaway from your wedding day, aside from your new spouse, is your photos and video.

There is no way to be 110% certain that you won't be scammed but this is my suggestion on how to make sure you're hiring a legitimate photographer for your wedding day.

  • Research your photographer online before booking. Use these resources: their website, Google, and social media. Don’t be afraid to check out both their business and personal social media pages.
  • Before booking, ask to see a full client gallery. If the photographer won't share a full gallery, don't go any further in the booking process.
  • Ask for the names and social media links of the photographer’s last three wedding clients. Send those clients’ a private message and get their honest opinion. (I have had a bride do this before booking me because she and I live so far apart. My last three couples were more than happy to talk to her, and they gave me a shining recommendation.) 
  • Ask for and read a copy of their contract before you pay them any money. If there is anything in their contract that you don’t understand or you need clarification on, ask! If they can’t give you an answer or refuse to respond to your questions, stop. I would also avoid any photographer that does not use a contract.
  • This one is going to seem random but ask to see a certificate of insurance. Most legitimate photography businesses should be carrying general liability insurance. Personally, I wouldn’t book with someone who didn’t have this in place. 
  • If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.