Hey, Friends!

If you're reading this page, you've probably inquired about becoming an SWP mini session host. Welcome!

This is a brand new idea that Brooke and I created to introduce SWP (and our new elopement business) to new areas. The Q&A below should answer every question you might have. If not, send me a message. After reading this page, if you think you can fill a day for us, send me a message and we'll move forward. Thanks!


What areas are you looking to shoot in?

West TN - Jackson, Memphis, Savannah.
Middle TN - Cookeville, Sparta, Franklin, Clarksville
Nearby MO - Caruthersville
Bucket List Cities - Savannah, GA and NOLA

What will I need to do?

(1) You will be in charge of marketing these sessions. Basically, you'll need to post on social media advertising your session date and providing the booking link. This works best if you make multiple posts on various platforms. I will create the booking link and your custom graphic to share online.
(2) Scope out a really pretty place to shoot. My style is a little dark and I love some shade. Think state parks, botanical gardens, private property with lots of trees, downtown areas in the city.
(3) This should have been #1... You'll be required to book a certain number of session. 4 is the minimum but 6 is preferred.

Does this cost me anything?

Just a little of your time. No money!

What will the client get?

-Pre-Session planning and styling tips with SWP.
-A 45-minute session with unlimited images to download and print as they wish.
-Access to client closet items and peacock chairs.

What type of clients are you looking for?

Couples, Families, Sitting-Up Babies, Children, and High School Seniors

What will I get for hosting you?

You will get either (a) a free photo shoot for you and your partner or family; (b) 10% of the profit for the day; OR (c) if you are engaged, 25% off a wedding package.
If you choose the free photo shoot, it can take place on the session date or another day.

What will this cost the clients?

This depends on location.
West TN: $200/shoot
Middle TN: $300/shoot
Missouri: $200/shoot
Bucket List Cities: $400 (GA) $500 NOLA

How this Works; Step-by-Step

  1. As soon as you decide you want to be a host, I'll send you a questionnaire to get some info from you. This is required.
  2. We will choose a weekend date that works for you, me and my assistant. After that date is set, we cannot change it unless the weather is horrible, or someone has something huge happen.
  3. I will create a booking link on my website for clients to purchase their session time and complete a contract.
  4. I will create a graphic in Canva for you to post on social media. I suggest posting as soon as possible and then a few times per week until you've reached your session goal.
  5. Once you've reached your session goal, you can still post on social media as a way to remind your clients of their shoot or maybe add some more to your list.
  6. A few weeks before your shoot, I will touch base with you and let you know if anything is changing.
  7. I will contact all your clients and confirm their sessions two weeks, one week, and two days before the session date.
  8. On the session date, you don't have to come with us unless you want to. Brooke and I can meet everyone at our designated location and complete all the session. If you choose to get a free session on that date, you'll get a time to show up. I would suggest not coming along with us if this is your "payment" choice.
  9. If you select a free session for your payment, you can shoot it that day or pick another date. If you choose 10% commission, I will pay you at the end of the sessions on our date via Venmo. Facebook Pay or Cash App. If you choose 25% off a wedding package, that will be applied when you book your wedding with SWP.
  10. Around 2-5 days after the sessions, a preview of each session will be post on SWP's Facebook page with you credited as the host. You can share these on your soclal media giving SWP credit.
  11. Clients will recieve their final images within 10-14 days of their session date.